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How do we feel about glass? Well, to put things simply, we love it. Without glass, we would not have mirrors to look in as we get ready in the morning. We'd be drinking wine out of metal or plastic glasses, which just isn't classy, and our homes wouldn't have windows. Or maybe they'd have clear plastic windows — that part is up for debate. If you love glass, too, then you have stumbled upon the right corner of the internet! We think you'll enjoy reading our articles about glass, each of which offers a unique perspective and a little more information.


Window Covering Recommendations To Add Graffiti Film To Your Window Glass

16 July 2020
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Your home and its windows afford you safety and privacy but with a great view of the outside world and lots of natural sunlight streaming inside. But there are times and some windows positioned on your home exterior that you want to add some extra privacy without blocking off the window and its features entirely. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your window covered for optimal privacy but still allowing natural light into your home. Read More …