Window Covering Recommendations To Add Graffiti Film To Your Window Glass

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Window Covering Recommendations To Add Graffiti Film To Your Window Glass

16 July 2020
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Your home and its windows afford you safety and privacy but with a great view of the outside world and lots of natural sunlight streaming inside. But there are times and some windows positioned on your home exterior that you want to add some extra privacy without blocking off the window and its features entirely. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your window covered for optimal privacy but still allowing natural light into your home.

Look For Window Graffiti Film

When you don't want to install a window blind, curtains, or another exterior window covering, you can opt for a window graffiti film instead. Window draperies and blinds require you to put holes into the walls or the window frames and are not the best type of temporary window addition. And if you are renting the house you don't want to cause any type of permanent damage to the windows that you will need to pay for when you move out. 

A window graffiti film on your windows is something you can easily apply onto the window, as it goes on and adheres as a window cling and does not require any adhesive or glues to hold it in place. You just peel the backing off the window film and smooth it onto your cleaned and smooth window glass.

Window graffiti film easily comes off the window when you are ready to move out or you want to change the window's look. The window film will provide you with privacy through the window to prevent anyone from peeking inside, even at night. And the window film will block out direct sunlight but still allow a natural lighting into your home.

Choose Your Style

Just as with window blinds and draperies there are many styles and patterns available in a window graffiti film. Depending on the design and colors of the room or the style of your home, you can choose a window film in a pattern that will be visible inside and outside your home. 

If you want to add a window film that looks like stained glass, you can do so. Or you can look for a watercolor pattern design or geometric patterns that look like tiles. You can also look for a floral pattern or one in black and white or a simple repeating pattern film.

Look online and through various retailers, like American  Glass Tint Inc and other businesses, of all the different types of window films to find one that fits your home and style perfectly.