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Glass. We Love It.

How do we feel about glass? Well, to put things simply, we love it. Without glass, we would not have mirrors to look in as we get ready in the morning. We'd be drinking wine out of metal or plastic glasses, which just isn't classy, and our homes wouldn't have windows. Or maybe they'd have clear plastic windows — that part is up for debate. If you love glass, too, then you have stumbled upon the right corner of the internet! We think you'll enjoy reading our articles about glass, each of which offers a unique perspective and a little more information.


Top 5 Reasons For Hiring Auto Glass Professionals

23 September 2021
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Even a small chip on your windshield can turn into a major issue if ignored. For this reason, you should seek repair or replacement services as soon as you notice the damage. While it can be tempting to handle the repairs yourself, all issues with the auto glass are best left to the experts. Below are five reasons for hiring auto glass professionals.  Avoid Injuries Attempting to repair a dented or cracked auto glass on your own is risky. Read More …

4 Benefits Of Installing Glass Shower Doors

26 July 2021
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Shower sections in a bathroom are special. They are like your personal oasis when at home, away from the chaos of the world. Showers may help you feel rejuvenated after a long, hectic day at work or after a strenuous workout. It's also often the first thing you do in the morning to prepare for the day. appointment after waking up in the morning to prepare for work or school. Read More …

Get the Absolute Shower Spa Experience With Glass Enclosures

3 June 2021
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Achieving a spa-like experience in your home is easier than you might think. One of the best ways to do it is to install glass shower enclosures. These enclosures are created and designed for easy cleaning, noise reduction, and a unique aesthetic that will make your house feel like a spa retreat. Why Glass Enclosures Are a Great Option for Your Shower If you're looking for something truly unique and unlike anything else, glass shower enclosures are your best option. Read More …

Guide To Wiper Damage On Auto Glass

22 April 2021
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Windshield wipers are a necessary safety device, but they can also damage your auto glass if you aren't careful. Wiper Issues Scratches and hazing are the main types of damage you will experience from faulty wipers. The culprit is either the wipers themselves or how they are used. Wipers that are old, have a rough edge, or and become cracked can all lead to damage. Damage to the wipers comes from age or from using them over an uneven glass surface, such as when you run the wipers over a frozen windshield or over the pit of a rock chip before it is repaired. Read More …

Repairing The Issues Your Glass Shower Enclosure Could Experience

26 February 2021
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Many homeowners will prefer to have a glass enclosure for their shower. While this can be a feature that will make your shower more aesthetically pleasing and practical, there is a range of problems that are relatively unique to this type of shower enclosure. Therefore, it can be important to learn more about these particular threats. A Shower Door That Does Not Stay Shut Over the years, a common problem for a glass shower door to experience can be difficulty staying shut. Read More …