3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Neglect or Postpone Windshield Repairs

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Neglect or Postpone Windshield Repairs

12 October 2021
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In addition to blocking out the wind while you drive, your car's windshield is also responsible for providing a level of safety in the event of an accident. Thus, when your windshield gets damaged, the level of safety it provides gets compromised. Thus, it is always advisable to repair it as soon as you notice the slightest signs of damage.

Unfortunately, many car owners tend to neglect or ignore minor cracks and chips on their windshields because they do not prioritize them as significant issues. However, even the most minor chip can cause more significant problems in the future if it gets neglected long enough. With that said, here are three reasons why you should not postpone windshield repairs.

Chips and Cracks Keep Expanding

When you see a vehicle with a severely cracked windshield, you may automatically assume that it was involved in a collision. However, there is a chance that the severe cracking resulted from neglected small cracks and chips.

When your windshield acquires a chip or crack, it should get fixed immediately. However, when you ignore the small chips and cracks, they are bound to keep expanding. The expansion of chips and cracks can result from several factors. For instance, temperature variations between the day and night cause the chips and cracks to expand and contract repeatedly, thus forcing them to grow larger as time passes.

After some time, you may be surprised to realize that your entire windshield is full of cracks that obstruct your vision of the road. Thus, because you ignore small cracks or chips earlier, you now have to replace the windshield, which is more expensive than the minor repairs you should have done.

You Could Get Fined

In many states, laws have been passed prohibiting motorists from driving vehicles with cracked or damaged windshields. Multiple states passed such laws after realizing that some motorists neglect to repair/replace their windshields even when cracks and chips obstruct their vision.

Thus, if you neglect to take your vehicle for repairs and continue driving it with a damaged windshield, you could get fined. Police officers are always on the lookout for motorists who are violating traffic laws. Thus, if you are unlucky enough to run into the traffic police with a damaged windscreen, you can expect a police citation for violating the traffic laws regarding damaged windshields. Thus, neglecting repairs can cost you more money because after paying the citation, you still need to fix the windshield.

Increasing Blind Spots

When you have cracks or chips on your windshield—irrespective of how small—they cause blind spots while driving. Having a blind spot on your windshield is a common reason why some accidents happen. When cracks and chips obstruct your vision while driving, you may not see an oncoming vehicle or a pedestrian through the cracks or chips. Thus the chances of getting into an accident are significantly high. Therefore, to avoid getting to an accident because of blind spots, hire repair mechanics as soon as possible.