3 Tips For Maintaining A New Shower Door

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3 Tips For Maintaining A New Shower Door

21 June 2022
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Updating your bathroom with a new glass shower door can be an excellent way to give it a modern appearance compared to a curtain. If you're excited about a new shower door, it's wise to look into what can be done to prevent damage.

Instead of expecting the glass shower door to remain in excellent condition after the installation, you can follow the tips below to ensure that the door remains looking and working as it should.

Keep Up with Cleaning  

One of your biggest concerns with your glass shower door is keeping streaks and water marks away. Mildew can also be a concern if your bathroom lacks proper ventilation. Instead of being frustrated with your shower door, check the glass door after each shower. This will ensure that the glass remains streak-free and can give your bathroom an upscale look without much effort.

Addressing any signs of mildew or discoloration in the bathroom is another essential step in keeping the glass clean and free of visible signs of wear.

Apply Protective Coating 

Suppose you're worried that your glass shower door will have visible wear. In that case, applying a protective coating as necessary is wise. This kind of coating can help reduce the visible wear on your glass and help to extend the time between deep cleanings.

Choosing a coating designed for a shower door will ensure that water damage won't be a problem and that the shower door will look like it was when it was first bought and installed.

Address Any Damages

It can feel frustrating for your glass shower door to look worn down and damaged due to a lack of repair work being done. A small crack on the shower door can lead to a more prominent one over the years. Instead of this being an issue, make sure that any signs of damage are addressed immediately.

Hiring a professional to address any necessary repairs will help you avoid issues where the glass is a bad investment for your bathroom.

Installing a glass shower door can make you much happier with the way your bathroom looks and the ease of maintenance involved. By checking what steps to take with maintaining the glass shower door, you'll avoid issues where the glass shows wear or is in rough shape later.

Working with a contractor to install the new shower door and discuss maintenance will ensure you're ready for the required care.