Should Your Bathroom Remodel Include A Glass Shower Enclosure? Important Benefits To Consider

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Should Your Bathroom Remodel Include A Glass Shower Enclosure? Important Benefits To Consider

31 January 2022
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In most households, the most frequently used space is the bathroom, even though the space is often a small one. When the time comes for these bathrooms to be remodeled and improved, homeowners often look for ways to make changes in the fixtures or layout that will make the space more user-friendly. When planning for an upcoming bathroom remodeling project, many homeowners may want to consider removing an existing bathtub and installing a larger shower stall as part of their remodeling plans. If you are planning this type of renovation, here are some important reasons to consider using glass to enclose the new shower you will be installing during your bathroom remodeling project. 

Opening up a smaller bathroom

The most common reason for homeowners to consider installing a glass shower enclosure is that doing so will make the entire bathroom seem larger and more open. In addition to having no visible walls to block natural and artificial light, a glass shower enclosure allows design elements, like tile work, to be viewed from all angles, giving the room more of a designer feel. 

Reducing risks of mold and mildew 

Glass shower enclosures that are considered to be frameless can also help homeowners reduce the risk of experiencing a serious problem with mold or mildew in their bathroom. With fewer seams and surfaces that are much easier to clean than grouted tile or other shower enclosure products, the glass surfaces offer fewer spaces conducive to mold and mildew growth. 

Getting rid of drafty shower curtains

Glass shower enclosures are especially enjoyed by homeowners who have had to deal with shower curtains in the past. Unlike shower curtains, rigid glass shower enclosures prevent uncomfortable drafts from wafting into the shower while also preventing problems with puddling water on the floor when the folds of fabric cause dripping. Glass shower enclosures are also much easier to keep clean than traditional shower curtains, which must be laundered or replaced and rehung on a frequent basis. 

Adding value and interest 

Statistics show that most homeowners will relocate several times over the course of their life. Because of this, homeowners may want to consider including upgrades when remodeling that are most likely to add value and offer more lasting appeal to prospective buyers in the future. Glass shower enclosures continue to increase in popularity, making them an excellent upgrade to consider adding to your next bathroom remodeling project. 

To learn more about glass shower enclosures and their benefits, take time to discuss your current bathroom situation and remodeling goals with a reputable glass supplier in your area.