Repairing The Issues Your Glass Shower Enclosure Could Experience

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Repairing The Issues Your Glass Shower Enclosure Could Experience

26 February 2021
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Many homeowners will prefer to have a glass enclosure for their shower. While this can be a feature that will make your shower more aesthetically pleasing and practical, there is a range of problems that are relatively unique to this type of shower enclosure. Therefore, it can be important to learn more about these particular threats.

A Shower Door That Does Not Stay Shut

Over the years, a common problem for a glass shower door to experience can be difficulty staying shut. As a result, you may find that the door is far more likely to open while you are taking a shower, and this can allow some of the water from the shower to escape the enclosure. Luckily, this is often a simple repair as it may be caused by the hinges for the shower door starting to loosen. By tightening the screws that hold the hinges in place, you may be able to keep the door securely closed. However, you will want to be careful when tightening these screws as excessive tightening could lead to glass cracking. For this reason, you may want to have a professional perform this tightening work for your door hinges.

Cracks Or Scuff Marks In The Shower Door

Cracks and scuff marks in the glass of the shower enclosure are other common issues that will have to be repaired. These marks can ruin the appearance of the shower enclosure, and they will also be able to create structurally weak points in the shower enclosure. Repairing this damage is done by applying resins to the damaged glass that will be able to patch it. If the damage to the glass is particularly serious or widespread, replacing that section of the shower enclosure may be the most effective solution for restoring the appearance and structural integrity of this enclosure.

Leaks Around The Edges Of The Shower Door

A shower enclosure will need to be able to prevent water from leaking out while the shower is in use. However, the door of the unit can be at a greater risk of developing leaks as there will need to be small gaps to allow the door to open and close. Stopping leaks from developing at these gaps will involve the use of a gasket that can block water from seeping through. However, these seals can wear down, and they will have to be replaced every few years to keep them effective at blocking water from leaking out.

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