Signs That Your Cars Windows Might Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

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Signs That Your Cars Windows Might Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

21 October 2020
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Car windows are not like traditional windows that you might find in your house, as they have a very specific purpose in addition to allowing you to see what else is on the road: they protect you from the wind. These wind speeds can get quite high, especially if you are out on the highway or any place that you can build up some speeds. Most of the time, your car's glass handles these pressures just fine. But if something does happen to them, even the tiniest crack could be a recipe for disaster when you get up to high speeds. Here are some signs that your auto glass could be beginning to deteriorate and what you should do about it.

Any Cracking Along The Edges

It doesn't matter whether your car's windscreen or your passenger side windows are cracking, if there is even a hint of a crack in your cars glass you need to get it checked by a professional auto glazier right away. That is because these small cracks can quickly get out of control, all it takes is a bit of a bump from a pothole or a tree branch and the glass can shatter. There are processes to repair cracked glass, but you may need to totally replace it. Always contact an auto glass expert when you spot a crack, as it will save you money and a lot of pain in the future.

Loosely Fitting Windshield

If your windshield or the rubber seal along the rim is not fitting properly then you may have an approaching problem on your hands. Windshields have been known to come free after many years of use, and it is possible that your windshield is about to give way. Don't just try to pop it back into place as this could damage your car further or, indeed, make the windshield break and shatter glass all over you. If you are lucky, as many people are, this will just be a minor problem that auto glass services can handle in a few minutes.

Shaking Passenger Side Windows

While not as immediate a problem as the other two listed, shaking or shuddering passenger windows can be far more annoying. Not only do they make a lot of noise but they also often can't be silenced until the car itself is turned off. If this problem is bothering you for months or even years on end then why not get it fixed. There are a number of causes behind ill-fitting windows and chances are it can be fixed up in no time at all.